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student in ocean city will spend five years in prison. he was drunk when he hit 22 year old matthew as he crossed coastal highway on memorial day weekend. he got a 10 year sentence. he got five years probation. his mother says she has forgiven him and hopes he can turn his life around. >>> it's dry. milder than yesterday afternoon. we will be milder tomorrow. take a look, clear skies, overhead, radar b 48 towson, rock hall, below 50, 50 towards the west. they will trade this for the 30s tonight. chilly for the we were suburbs, limits, dropping in to the 30s for tonight. 46 through the evening, cool, a chilly mid night temperature of around 40 degrees in town. 37 waking up to around 60 for tomorrow. while we are at 52 in the city. memphis 70 degrees, could it be beach weather. we will have the seven-day forecast in a little bit. >>> large bus fill with supplies to help families of the hurricane victims. they were delivered to the crab capital of the world. it's hard to forget people in maryland are still struggling with storm damage in their area. we haven't forgotten about chrisfield as w
in downtown baltimore, christian schaffer. >>> yet another water main break in the city today and work continues on the broken mane on north charles. the latest ask on madison, right in mt. vernon. aging infrastructure led to it. >>> more fallout between david petraeus and paula broadwell. s ptz could be prosecuted -- petraeus could be prosecuted for adult ri. >>> customers at monarch medspa may not get a de-- refund. the company said it does not have the financial ability to give refunds. monarch is telling them they can go to other facilities but the two closest are in delaware and pennsylvania. >> a very warm dpairks temperatures pushing 70 including here in baltimore, 69. 72 in easton. the wind gusts are at 20, so a breezy night, giving an indication of a change in the wind. cold november rain rolling in out of the west, will be dousing maryland making for a wet morning commute. showers by midnight, rain and wind as you wake up early tomorrow morning. we'll talk about how fast this gets out of here. it's a wild ride coming up. >> sunday at the race track turned into a ring site sea
on the football field late in the day. ellicott city, a nice looking ?e. school visit at appleton, talking to the fifth graders. they had some good questions and we talked about the effects of superstorm sandy. winds from the north will cope the chill factor on. it's already feeling like 30s in hagerstown, dulles and, dover and patuxent rirch -- river. we're still below freeze bilge daybreak in bel air, baltimore, chester town, et cetera. we struggle to get out of the 40s. mainly we'll see additional included cover, no rain. it will help keep temperatures down. by tomorrow night we're back in the 20s and low 30s. it will be two frosty nights in a row. cloudy. absolutely, it will be cloudy. clear for the moment bit high thin clouds rolling in out of the west. that will be our story. we'll hold temperatures down slightly. the core of the coldest air right over the mid-atlantic states will drift north and still somewhat chilly because of a mix of sun and clouds. as we go general electric beyond -- go beyond it we will moderate. we're watching a coastal storm off south carolina. generating ext
tampa. he was beaten at a new york city restaurant while working on a super storm relief project. they stopped to get dinner. a man drove up, yelled something and punched apple white in the face. he's back in florida but in the hospital. the attack as not dampened apple white's spirit. >> i'm not going to let one person spoil that for me. >> apple wheat's face very swole -- apple white's face very swollen and will likely need a lot of surgery to repair his face. >>> all right. here's something to smile about, from vacant properties to valued homes. habitat for humanity and the city joined to rebuild new homes on mccabe avenue. nine months from now qualifying families will get a chance to move. for three decades, habitat for humanity of the chase -- chesapeake has purchased homes to restore them. >> wart's back on for most living near that water main break in mt. vernon but repairs are close to completion. it's close to being able to test the main. this is a 16-inch main that broke between calvert and guilford streets. crews tried to fix the main. look at the size of the water mai
. >> we're tacking about six copies in six different cities. >> reporter: the price varies depending on what you choose. when this comes to the best providers, that's up to you. >> apple is a big name with its icloud. google has a version. microsoft has a version. >> reporter: while you have no control over mother nature and disasters like these, you may finally have a say on what's keep -- keeping what's valuable to you safe. >> the presidential race finally over. >> consumer reporter john matarese shares some bad news that the candidates didn't want to talk about before election day so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: when this comes to the taxes we pay, the presidential election will have no impact at all on the biggest tax hike most americans will see next year. that's because both democrats and republicans are willing to sit back and let this tax hit on january 1st. it doesn't matter if you work on cars for a living or work in a grocery store or have an office job. get ready for less money in your first january paycheck. that's because a secret tax hike is coming with a
you wake up tomorrow we may not get there in the city. north and west, you are probably going to be below freezing. we will talk about how temperatures will change into the weekend. >> the president went to new york to get a look at the damage caused by sandy. >> he made a tour in marine1 before he went down on staten island. >> reporter: up close and personal look at the devastation for the president of the united states. the damage on hard hit staten island is everywhere. what you can't see is the internal struggle so many new yorkers are facing. >> i had the opportunity to give some hugs and give thoughts and prayers to the moore family. they lost two young sons during the course of this tragedy. >> reporter: the president said the federal government will be part of the rebuilding process. new york governor is requesting $30 billion in aid. >> there is still a lot of clean up to do. people still need emergency help. they still need heat. they still need power. they still need food. they still need shelter. >> reporter: progress is being made on staten island but at a sn
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6